Index of values

date_to_string [Occi]
date_to_string d convert a date string in the "MM/DD/YYYY HH:MI:SS" format.
date_to_tm [Occi]
date_to_tm float convert a float date to a record.
decode_date [Occi]
decode_date d convert a date to a tuple (year:int, mon:int, day:int, hour:int, min:int, sec:int).
decode_occi_type [Occi]
decode_occi_type column used to convert the column type to string or ora_column_type type

encode_date [Occi]
encode_date date_tuple converts a tuple from (year, mon, day, hour, min, sec) to a float value representing the number of days since epoch and fractional part representing the number of seconds since midnight.

field_to_string [Occi]
field_to_string fld convert an ora_value to string.

occi_commit [Occi]
occi_commit con commit a transaction
occi_connect [Occi]
occi_connect user password database -> connection creates a connection to an Oracle database.
occi_create_statement [Occi]
occi_create_statement con sql creates an Oracle statement.
occi_describe [Occi]
occi_disconnect [Occi]
occi_disconnect connection -> unit disconnects a previously open Oracle connection
occi_execute [Occi]
occi_execute stmt sql params -> out_values executes a PL/SQL block by preparing an sql text, binding it with a list of params where each element is a tuple (position:int * value:param_val), and returns the out_values result as a list of (position:int * value:ora_value) tuples where each value represents the value of an OUT parameter at a given position.
occi_execute_array [Occi]
occi_execute_array stmt executes an SQL INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE bulk operation.
occi_execute_param_query [Occi]
occi_execute_param_query stmt sql params -> (cursor * field_names) executes an Oracle query.
occi_execute_plsql [Occi]
occi_execute_plsql stmt params -> out_param_values executes a PL/SQL block given a list of bind parameter values and returns the list of OUT parameter tuples.
occi_execute_query [Occi]
occi_execute_query stmt sql -> (cursor * field_names) executes an Oracle query and returns an open cursor and an array of field names.
occi_execute_update [Occi]
occi_execute_update stmt params -> num_rows executes an INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE operation on a previously bound statement
occi_fetch [Occi]
occi_fetch rs returns data as an array of fields.
occi_free_statement [Occi]
occi_free_statement stmt frees an Oracle statement created with ora_create_statement.
occi_prepare_plsql [Occi]
occi_prepare_plsql stmt sql [ (pos * param_val) ] sets sql text of a PL/SQL statement, and specifies OUT parameters.
occi_prepare_sql [Occi]
occi_prepare_sql stmt sql sets an SQL string for a given statement.
occi_rollback [Occi]
occi_rollback con rollback a transaction
ora_describe [Occi]
ora_describe ora_connection table_name descrites a table by returning an array of field descriptors.
ora_fetch_foreach [Occi]
ora_fetch_foreach cursor f applies the function f: array ora_values -> unit to each record in the cursor.
ora_fetch_foreach_list [Occi]
ora_fetch_foreach_list cursor max_rows f fetches up to max_rows of records from an open cursor to list, and applies function f to that list.
ora_fetch_list [Occi]
ora_fetch_list cursor max_rows fetches up to max_rows of records from an open cursor to list.
ora_select [Occi]
This function selects records given a SELECT SQL command, and returns result in a form of a list.

print_date [Occi]
Print a date in the format returned by the date_to_string function
print_field [Occi]
Print a field.
print_record [Occi]
Print a record containing ora_value fields separated by commas.

sysdate [Occi]
sysdate returns the current local time encoded in the internal date format.